High Pressure CO2 Extinguishing Fire Fighting System For Gas Turbine

High Pressure CO2 Extinguishing Fire Fighting System For Gas Turbine

High Pressure CO2 Extinguishing Fire Fighting System For Gas Turbine, System is use in where there is requirement for protection of gas turbine. System may have different groups, general running procedure is as given below.

CO2 cylinders may activate automatic or manual.

When signal comes from protected room in emergency, system will actıvated automatıcally.

The system is designed to supply CO2 concentration sufficient to achieve extinguishment only and in accordance with the authorities having jurisdiction. The master valve located at the panel. Depends to the customer request, release station may be located at the main panel or may send seperate and can be install any available area.

The CO2 system one of the total flooding type protecting one single area on board.

No obligation for installation area.

System can be automatic controlled, manual controlled or both if it is necessery. Release station could be located on main panel or you may install any location. System consist 2 groups of CO2 cylinders, one group is runs by automatic release station other group is run by release station. depends to the authorities jurisdiction, system may work as wishes.

Energy supplying by two different source, on panel, you can see main supply and emergency supply if they active or not. You may isolate the system by signals that comes from protected area through using isolate switch. System has emergency stop button that may install any available area when you hear the alarms in 30 seconds you may deactivate.

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